My primary area of research lies in microeconomic theory, specifically information economics, with applications to political economy and industrial organization. In my job market paper, I study persuasion with verifiable information and show how targeted advertising can be an instrument of swinging elections.

Research Statement

Job Market Paper

Dec 2020

  1. Persuasion with Verifiable Information Titova, Maria job market paper, 2020 Abstract Paper Slides

Working Papers

Nov 2019

  1. Collaborative Search for a Public Good Titova, Maria working paper, 2019 Abstract Paper Slides

Oct 2019

  1. Targeted Advertising in Elections Titova, Maria working paper, 2019 Abstract



  1. Shopping Malls, Platforms and Consumer Search Parakhonyak, Alexei, and Titova, Maria International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2018 Abstract Paper Slides